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BMW Carplay And Android Auto Retrofit Box

BMW Carplay And Android Auto Retrofit Box

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The unit connects to your original BMW iDrive system and enables the functions of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, AirPlay & more via the original screen and controls.

The system provides an experience similar to OEM BMW CarPlay & Android Auto, with the addition of extra features such as media streaming and playback via supported devices.

The system is fully integrated with your iDrive display and controller, and your factory controls will allow you to navigate and interact with CarPlay/Android Auto

All your original BMW menus remain accessible allowing you to refer back to the factory system for tasks such as servicing information and settings, no features are lost.

Completely Wireless CarPlay + Android Auto

Connecting your phone to our retrofit is effortless, all it takes is one first time setup to pair your phone with the system and after that CarPlay/Android Auto will automatically connect once you are inside your car.

No need to take your phone out from your pocket or purse, just hop in the car and your ready to go!

If you prefer connecting via cable, the device supports USB connection.


Voice control via Siri or Google Voice

The primary goal of CarPlay/Android Auto software is to provide a safer experience on the road, and to provide direct access to your phone through the infotainment system of the car to minimize touching the phone whilst driving.

The retrofit integrates with your cars microphone, enabling you to provide voice commands to Siri or Google voice, no need to pull over and enter an address.

For example you can just ask Siri "Take me to the nearest McDonalds" and the navigation will begin on your cars display.

Key Features

  • Wireless & Wired Apple CarPlay
  • Wireless & Wired Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation via Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze
  • Music Streaming via your preferred application (Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music & more)
  • Voice commands via Siri or Google Voice assistant
  • High quality audio output with adjustable equalizer
  • Connections for aftermarket cameras
  • Compatible with your factory parking cameras
  • Retain all original vehicle functions
  • Smartphone Screen Mirroring via AirPlay or Android Autolink
  • USB Media Playback & charging
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